The Consumers Association of Singapore (Case) said that it had received 15 complaints against a furniture company, Artmani Italia Pte Ltd, since 1 January 2016.
Cited from The Straits Times, an associate director of a recruitment agency, Ms Teo bought a $3,000 two-seater leather sofa from the company. She paid it in two instalments, one on July and the other in this early month, arranging the item to be delivered to her flat in Boon Keng in early February. However, the furniture never was delivered.
Around 50 customers, including Ms Teo, gathered together and have lodged police reports. The company owes around $65,000 worth of furniture.
According to ST, when it visited the company’s premises in an industrial building off Hougang yesterday, the firm’s showroom doors were locked.
On the front doors of its another two units listed under the firm’s name, letters from the landlord were pasted. They stated that no one was allowed to access the units unless authorised to do so with effect from 18 January.
People told ST that they saw movers loading furniture from the showroom onto a lorry.
ST states that attempts to reach the company were unsuccessful.
Loy York Jiun, CASE executive director, advised consumers to do their research into a furniture company’s reputation and delivery track record.
He also advised costumers to pay a small deposit instead of the full amount upfront before delivery, and ensure that any negotiations, such as the delivery date, are put down in writing, which would help to minimise their risks when selecting a furniture company, and their losses in the event of business closure.
Though the executive noted that Ms Teo can also file a claim with the Small Claims Tribunal but the majority of those who sought to claim losses from the SCT are more than often disappointed at how the errant merchants can ignore the court orders or fail to have the orders enforced.

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