Source : Ministry of Transport.

No consideration to waive administrative fees of fines for failed ERP deductions

Minister for Transport Khaw boon Wan has announced that motorists who make good their failed ERP deductions within two weeks of the date of the letter from LTA, are required to pay an administrative fee to cover the cost of processing the ERP violation, notification and payment.

This is his response to a question filed by Mr Muhamad Faisal Bin Abdul Manap MP for Aljunied GRC who asked the Minister for Transport whether he will consider allowing motorists to make payments for failed ERP deductions electronically within a reasonable period of time after the failed deduction without incurring the administrative fee or incurring a less punitive fee.

The Minister stated that this fee is $10 if they make their payment through cash or cheque, and $8 if they make the payment electronically as the administrative cost incurred is lower. It will not be fair for taxpayers to bear these costs on the motorists’ behalf.

He then added to avoid incurring such costs for failed ERP deductions, motorists should sign up to payment services such as Motorpay, vCashCard or EZ-Pay. Using such services, motorists do not need to insert a cash-card into their car’s in-vehicle unit before they pass under an ERP gantry. ERP charges are automatically charged to their credit card based on the ERP system’s identification of the in-vehicle unit.

There were quite many incidents  where motorists complained that even though their cards has some amount in them, there was no deduction when they passed through the gantry.