Swimming pool at Toa Payoh turns green

Swimming pool at Toa Payoh turns green

Caused by a burst on the pool wall one of the swimming pool at Toa Payoh Training Ground has become a ‘green tea pool’.

The brick burst had caused the filter of the pool to stop working and after some time,  the water turned green, Lianhe Wanbao reported on Thursday (1 Dec).

Wanbao wrote that the training pool has been closed for some time for repairs. A visitor, Ms Wang, told Wanbao that two weeks ago when she went swimming in the location she saw the training pool blocked, but the water was still blue.

“But,” she said, “when I went to the pool again the next day the water has turned green.”

She said she also saw some staff working inside the pool.

Last April this year, Straits Times reported that a reticulated python was found in a pool at Toa Payoh swimming complex. Fortunately, the pool was closed for its scheduled half-day weekly maintenance.

A pool operator discovered the snake at about 6am inside the competition pool, which is not opened to the public as it is used by national swimmers and lifeguards for training.

The Toa Payoh Swimming Complex is located in the heart of a residential community in Singapore, at 301 Lorong 6 Toa Payoh. Together with the Toa Payoh Sports Hall, the Swimming Complex is one of many public swimming complexes operated by the Sport Singapore (formerly Singapore Sports Council).

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