54-yr-old women found dead at Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal

54-yr-old women found dead at Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal

A dead woman body was found in a drain at Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal on Friday (25 Nov) morning.

She was later identified as Ms Maimunah Awang (54), a cleaning supervisor who worked at the ferry terminal.

Her body was found by another cleaning supervisor in 2m-deep drain near her rest area with injuries on her neck and stomach.

Her colleagues said she was often seen wearing a gold bracelet and necklace, but those were missing when she was found out.

The police was informed around 9:45am yesterday and the paramedics pronounced the woman dead at 10:40am.

The Straits Times wrote that an unnamed colleague (60) of the deceased said he had seen her around 3pm on Thursday, walking by and said ‘hi’ to him.”

He recalled that nothing seemed out of the ordinary, she had been on her way to the cleaners’ rest area at the substation.

Another unnamed colleague said, “We realized she was missing around 4pm and started looking for her around 7pm, but did not see her.”

A cleaner at the ferry, Ms Wang Jinying (45), said, “She was my work supervisor, she was always good to us, although we had language differences.”

The police has classified the case as murder and has started investigations.

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