Fatal accident along Jalan Buroh claims life of motorcyclist who went between two heavy vehicles

Fatal accident along Jalan Buroh claims life of motorcyclist who went between two heavy vehicles

A fatal accident which happened along Jalan Buroh just before West Coast Highway on Thursday (24 November) at around 6.15pm, claimed a life of a motorcyclist.

The video of the incident, taken by Fai Kor’s dashboard cam, was posted on Thursday night by Road.sg Facebook account showed the 42-year-old motorcyclist was riding his bike past Fai’s car then he went between two heavy vehicles.

A moment later, when the heavy vehicle moved along, the motorcycle was seen lying on the ground. One of the heavy vehicle ran over him and his motorcycle.

Road.sg wrote in its post that it hopes that this video may assist both drivers of these trailers when police does their investigations. “Hope they can still continue with their job,” it said.

It also wrote a warning, “Motor-cyclists please do not ever ride between heavy vehicles. Your family and love ones need you at home.”

“Our heart goes out to this motor-cyclist, may he rest in peace and deepest condolences to his family and love ones,” it added.

Singapore Civil Defence Force dispatched its ambulance for the accident and the Police said that the man was pronounced dead at the scene by the paramedics. Investigations are still ongoing.

This is the fourth fatal accident occurred at West Coast Highway in the past two months.

On 27 October, two e-biker riders passed away and one e-biker injured due to a collision with a lorry at the junction of Pandan Crescent along West Coast Highway.

Another took place at Jalan Buroh at the junction of Jurong Port Road when a motorcyclist passed away due to a collision with a lorry on Monday (21 November).

On Wednesday (23 November), a 37-year-old motorcyclist was killed in a fatal accident along the West Coast Highway near Clementi Road. He was said to be dodging fallen tree on road.

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