Viral video shows gang of teenagers beating up solo teen at HDB stairwell

Viral video shows gang of teenagers beating up solo teen at HDB stairwell

A video that is spreading like wildfire on social media shows a bunch of male school boys ganging up on another single male teen, presumed to be an Indian, at a HDB stairwell.

The teenager shown to been slapped, kicked and verbally abused by the other teens. Even a dropkick onto the Indian teen as he cries out in pain. The teenagers took turns to abuse the poor teen while some keep a look out, as the camera phone captures the incident on video.

The video has been sent to the police and the police is investigating into the matter, though no one has been arrested to date.

Mrs Lucy Toh, principal of St Andrew’s Secondary School, told The Straits Times that it confirmed the incident took place on Saturday (Nov 5) and some of the school’s students were involved

She said, “We take all incidents of fighting seriously, and will continue to educate our students on anger management and appropriate behaviour.”

The Ministry of Education also stated that it is aware of the incident. However, it could not comment further as the case is under police investigation.

According to someone who have seen the video, the boy who have been bullied comes from Montfort Secondary.

The video has also been sent to St Andrew’s Secondary School as one of the teenagers was wearing a top that is from the school.

The school replied that it is looking into the matter and asked that the video not to be shared as there are others who are from other schools.


But too late as SMRT Feedback, the online vigilante that brought Jevor Chew down on his knees is on the case.



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