No service at BPLRT due to train fault

Singapore Mass Rapid Transit (SMRT) has just announced on Wednesday (26 October) at around 5 pm that its Bukit Panjang LRT (BPLRT) service would be delayed for 30 minutes and that it is working to recover the service.


SMRT also said that free bus services are available at all BPLRT stations.


Around 15 minutes after its first tweet, SMRT said that there is no train service on BPLRT.

Passengers are advised to take buses which are available at all BPLRT stations.


At around 6 pm, SMRT has said that the train service is estimated to resume within the next 30 minutes after its tweet.


Commuters complained that the line had so many disruptions lately.

Twitter user, Swayne, asked SMRT why there has not been any staffs at the entrance to tell people that there is a breakdown. As commuters would not have to swipe the cards which made them waste their fare.

Meow said that she feels if the breakdown occurred during rush hour then commuters should be at least travelling for free.







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