Source : Lee Bee Wah Facebook account.

Nee Soon South residents who owned pets were told to carry not just a plastic bag for poo, but also a bottle of water and newspapers when they walk their dogs.

In a monthly litter-picking exercise that were held yesterday (9 October), pet owners were reminded that they can clean off the urine from pillars and also clean the water up afterwards since the smell of dogs’ urine on a pillar in the void deck will attract other dogs to urinate there if it is not cleaned off.

A monthly litter-picking exercise at Nee Soon South Town Council (Source : Lee Bee Wah Facebook account).
A monthly litter-picking exercise at Nee Soon South Town Council (Source : Lee Bee Wah Facebook account).

“If the dog were to pee in the lift, I’d think that you should wash it immediately so as not to inconvenience other residents,” she said relating to an incident in Yishun where a dog owner was getting fined for leaving “a big pool of urine in the lift.

Between April and May, the constituency had rolled out 33 dog poo stations, a box where owners can help themselves to plastic bags contributed by the community.

The National Environment Agency (NEA) said that if animal wastes were not cleaned, they can cause soiling and the transmission of infectious and parasitic diseases such as leptospirosis, a bacterial disease that can affect animals and humans.

If pet owners were convicted of failing to clean up after their pets in public area, they could be fined up to S$1,000.

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