LTA deploys CCTVs at 60 additional locations starting from 6 October to deter illegal parking

The Land Transport Authority (LTA)  announced that it will be deploying Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras starting from 6 October 2016.

Since April 2014, 70 CCTVs were gradually installed island-wide. These cameras have proven to be effective in enforcing parking offences along roads where traffic was previously impeded by rampant illegal parking. LTA has earlier announced that 130 CCTVs will be installed island wide by 2017. Another 60 CCTVs will be installed starting from 6 October to reach its intended target of 130 cctvs islandwide by 2017.

Seven locations that would be monitored by CCTV cameras from 6 October 2016 are :


According to LTA, the daily average number of summonses per location has declined by 90%, from an initial 30 summonses per day to just three summonses per location in end-2015 since the implementation of CCTVs in April 2014.

LTA says that traffic conditions have improved at many CCTV spots, including Collyer Quay, Jalan Pelepah, Selegie Road and Worcester Road. Bus commuters travelling on these routes have also benefited from the improved traffic conditions.

It also states that the cameras also help to improve road safety by deterring illegal parking. Inconsiderate illegal parking can obstruct and prevent vulnerable pedestrians, particularly young children, seniors, and users of mobility aids from crossing the road safely.

Illegally parked vehicles can also restrict the vision of other motorists by blocking their view of pedestrians who are crossing the road. Illegal parking at bus stops also compromises the safety of commuters as it prevents public buses from picking up and alighting passengers in a safe manner.

Collyer Quay (access road to OUE Bayfront).
Collyer Quay (access road to OUE Bayfront).
Jalan Pelepah.
Jalan Pelepah.
Selegie Road (near Parklane Shopping Mall).
Selegie Road (near Parklane Shopping Mall).
Worcester Road (towards Owen Road).
Worcester Road (towards Owen Road).

LTA says that within CCTV monitoring zones, lamp posts or sign posts has been painted with a bright orange vertical strip.

CCTV camera.
CCTV camera.


Artist impression of orange-coated lamp post.

LTA states that “No Waiting” signs at passenger pick-up points has also been installed with CCTV cameras, such as near Bishan and Clementi MRT stations, to remind motorists that they are not allowed to wait at these pick-up locations.



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