Source : The Straits Times.

2-yr-old boy held hostage at Sembawang for more than 16 hours

The Singapore Police Force (SPF) wrote that it received a call on Tuesday (27 September) at about 6.44 pm saying that a 39-year-old man had locked himself and a 2-year-old at a unit at Blk 462 Sembawang Dr.

Preliminary investigations revealed that the man was locked himself in the house with the boy following a dispute with the boy’s family members.

Officers from Ang Mo Kio Division, Crisis Negotiation Unit and Special Operations Command are managing the incident. However, the man refused to open the door to Police.


Around 9.30 am this morning (28 September), the Police released another announcement saying that the man still refused to open the door even after more than 16 hours of negotiation.

It stated that the safety of the boy is of paramount importance. The Police said that the boy is currently unharmed.


The Member of Parliament for Sembawang GRC, Dr Lim Wee Kiak, was at the scene on Wednesday morning. He told the media that the boy’s mother is a widow and the man is her friend. The boy is the youngest of four children. He also said that the other three children are living with their grandmother in Woodlands.

He said, “We are watching the situation very closely and the police have been working very hard to negotiate with the individual involved. Our concern is for the safety of both the individual and the child.”

Dr Lim added, “We understand it’s a family dispute and they are now trying to resolve this. We have also checked our database and the family is not known to us for ComCare assistance or anything at all.”

He also said, “According to the police, what they have updated me so far is that the household  is self sufficient. They have enough food and water. They are alright.”

Members of the public are advised to stay outside the police cordon set up and comply with instructions of police officers at scene.