Source : Utusan Online.

56-yr-old Singaporean arrested in Johor Bahru for ownership of drugs

Johor deputy police chief Senior Assistant Commissioner (SAC) Datuk Mohd Zakaria Ahmad stated in a press conference that the Police officers arrested a Singaporean in Taman Daya on Wednesday (14 September) at around 9.15 pm.

SAC Mohd Zakaria said that the 56-year-old man was nabbed in an operation by the Narcotics Police Contingent Headquarters (IPK) Johor while he was riding his motorcycle. After finding 27g of syabu on him, the Police then asked the man to lead them to his apartment in Taman Mount Austin where they found the rest of the drugs, a quantity which was said to enough to give fixes to 36,150 addicts.

The Johor Police found in total; 5.83kg of syabu, 565g of ketamine, 220g of heroin, 35g of Ecstasy powder, 5,536 Ecstasy pills and 200 pills of Erimin 5.

Police also seized a motorcycle, a weighing machine, sealer, plastic bags, and RM7,000. It stated that the total seized items worth about $405,000.

SAC Mohd Zakaria also said that the suspect has been tested positive for drugs and was previously arrested for a few other drug offenses. He said, “The man, who lived by himself in the apartment, will be remanded today for further investigations.”