Woodlands Train Checkpoints (Source : Wikipedia).

The Immigration and Checkpoint Authority (ICA) reminds travellers to expect heavy traffic flow through the land checkpoints at Woodlands and Tuas on the Hari Raya Haji which falls on Monday (12 September).

Heavy departure traffic is expected on Friday (9 September), while heavy arrival traffic is expected on Monday (12 September).

As security at the checkpoints remains top priority against any potential threats to Singapore, ICA has implemented the BioScreen system at the passenger halls of the checkpoints to capture the thumbprints of travellers. ICA noted that due to this, traffic build-up is inevitable.

ICA advises travellers to adjust their travel plans if possible to avoid a surge of travellers and vehicles seeking clearance at the land checkpoints .

Useful Tips When Using the Land Checkpoints:

  • Travellers are encouraged to car-pool.
  • Drivers should maintain lane discipline at all times.
  • Eligible users (Singaporeans, Singapore Permanent Residents and Long Term Pass holders) are encouraged to use the enhanced Immigration Automated Clearance System (eIACS) at the bus halls for immigration clearance
  • Travellers are to ensure that they are carrying their own and valid passports before presenting them for immigration clearance at the checkpoints
  • Travellers are to make sure that they do not bring unlawful or prohibited goods into or out of Singapore.

Travellers are also advised to check and ensure the validity of the passports to avoid delays and cause inconvenience to the passport holders as well as other checkpoints users.The passports must have a remaining validity of six months or more.

ICA advised motorists to check the traffic situation at both land checkpoints before embarking on their journey.

Travellers leaving Singapore by Woodlands or Tuas checkpoint will be able to know in advance the traffic situation from LTA’s Expressway Monitoring & Advisory System (EMAS) installed along the AYE and BKE respectively.

Source : ICA.
Source : ICA.

For more Traffic Information:
a. Call the traffic information hotline at 6863-0117;
b. Tune in to the radio for the latest traffic conditions; or
c. Visit LTA’s One Motoring website (www.onemotoring.com.sg) or MyTransport.SG portal (www.mytransport.sg) to check the latest traffic conditions before embarking on your journey.
Clearance Efficiency Without Compromising Security

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