Source : Singapore Grand Prix Facebook page.

The annual Formula 1 Singapore Airline Singapore Grand Prix night race will be held once again on the streets of downtown Singapore, this coming 16 September.

2016 Formula 1 Singapore Airlines Singapore Grand Prix.
2016 Formula 1 Singapore Airlines Singapore Grand Prix.

Keeping with the tradition, 10 religious leaders of various faiths have come together to bless the upcoming Singapore Grand Prix as a sign of religious harmony and hope that the event would be carried out without any glitches or accidents.

The ten religions are Buddhism, Taoism, Islam, Hinduism, Christianity, Sikhism, Judaism, Zoroastrianism, Baha’I and Jainism.

Many say such blessing is a sign of how religions are well respected in Singapore, a Facebook user, commented, “Love this! This is what I call respect and peace for each other’s religion!”

But some noted the hint of irony in the act of blessing the annual event by the religious representatives.


A commenter, Ahmad Khairi Jumali wrote, “Blessing an event which involves alcohol, wild parties, and women in skimpy clothing. Hmmm… I wonder what God has got to say?”


And another, Pulu wrote, “Wonder why should a Blessing Ceremony be made for such International Gambling, Parties, Alcohol, Money spinning, womanising Event. All these contradicts the teachings of Buddha of Lust, Greed, Anger and Delusions and even for all other religions, GOD does not condone such gambling, alcoholism, wild parties and gambling. If it is a charity event or just a sport , it is fine. Such blessing be made better with the World Peace and Sufferings, World health, Cancer patients, the orphans…. Pray for No War, No Child Hunger….and all good cause…:”

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今早(25日),在南洋理工大学拉惹勒南国际关系研究院(RSIS),内政部长兼律政部长尚穆根出席有关外来干预策略与对应措施的研讨会,尚穆根声称新加坡在一定程度上已经面对外来势力的干预。 他认为政府不能采取放任做法,新加坡需要制定自己的法律来应对,并及时干预和调查敌意信息宣传(hostile information campaign)等威胁。 他更点名历史学者覃炳鑫和自由新闻工作者韩俐颖等人(还有流亡前学运领袖陈华彪律师),在去年8月30日前往马来西亚吉隆坡拜会马国首相敦马,吁请马哈迪带头把民主带到新加坡等东南亚国家。 然而,在当时陈华彪等人都已声明,是作为立场不同的新加坡非政府人物,希望了解敦马对马新未来关系的看法,并邀请他出席一项有关深化民主基础课题的演讲。 此外,尚穆根不忘挑起,覃炳鑫与韩俐颖也曾联名申请成立公司,但使用外国资金在新加坡推动民主和人权等课题。 指《网络公民》聘外国人撰写负面文章 他也点名本社,聘用外国人撰写有关新加坡政治的负面文章,包括一些可破坏社会凝聚力的煽动性文章。 他声称,有关”攻击总理李显龙人格“的文章,据公开信息显示,就出自马国人之手,而他质疑,究竟是谁付薪水给她以及有什么目的。 有关文章目前正面对诉讼,不过他表示他并非对有关文章的法律事项发表评论,惟他想指出有马国作者撰写这些文章。他也质问,本社的(脸书)14名管理员中,有九位都不在新加坡,“我们不知道他们是谁,他们是新加坡人吗?” 他也指出,“一些新闻网站”有不知名的供稿者这让他们可能受到外国利益影响,例如刊载煽动性文章攻击或加深分化。…

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