Singapore Civil Defence Force(SCDF) had earlier announced on its Facebook page that it was called for assistance to a gas leak incident at 9.20 am today (4 September).

It deployed 3 fire engines, 4 Hazardous Materials (HazMat) appliances, 3 ambulances, and 2 support vehicles.

SCDF had traced the leak to a one-tonne cylinder of chlorine housed within an indoor storage facility.

Within 20 minutes, the SCDF HazMat specialist team, in fully encapsulated High Performance Suits (HPS) and equipped with breathing apparatus sets, plugged the source of the leak. While, another team simultaneously performed vapour suppression operation using 3 water jets.

“This critical operation served to quickly dilute the release of low concentration of chlorine vapour from the leaked cylinder into the surroundings,” it said.

All workers from the affected facility and its immediate neighbouring premises were evacuated from the location as a safety precaution.

SCDF stated that a total of 7 individuals, including 2 SCDF officers, were conveyed to Ng Teng Fong General Hospital in 3 ambulances for momentary exposure to the chlorine vapour. They were conscious but experienced eye irritation and difficulty in breathing.

According to the latest readings from the HazMat detectors, no traces of chlorine vapour in the surrounding atmosphere.

Investigations into the incident are now in progress.

Chlorine gas is a toxic respiratory irritant. Airborne concentrations greater than 3-5 ppm by volume are detectable by smell, and exposure to 4 ppm for more than 1 hr can have serious respiratory effects.

Because chlorine gas is denser than air, it stays close to the ground when released. The contents of a 1-ton cylinder of chlorine can cause coughing and respiratory discomfort in an area of 3 square miles. The same amount concentrated over an area of 1/10 square mile can be fatal after only a few breaths.

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近日來,窥淫问题备受关注,内政兼律政部长尚穆根表示,会针对性犯罪问题探讨修法,如增加鞭刑,加重刑罚。而该刑罚修正案将于今日提呈国会。 部长尚穆根表示,“无论是从精神上或是哲学上,这都是非常严重的,故也代表政府非常看重窥淫问题。” 此番言论也是针对日前国大偷拍事件,警方处置过轻的问题。 于日前发生的国大偷拍事件中,警方给予加害者的处置仅是有条件警告。而受害者马云因过轻的判决,愤而在社交媒体上公开加害者身份,故而备受社会关注。 针对如国大偷拍事件的案例,目前的刑法称之为非礼罪(insult of modesty), 最高可判一年有期徒刑。 若修正案通过,未来非自愿窥探或录影将成为特定罪行,而最高刑罚将由一年有期徒刑增加为两年有期徒刑与鞭刑。 上星期四尚穆根接受《海峡时报》访问时,也对此回应,未来会针对类似问题予以更重的刑法。 窥视/偷窥(voyeurism)意指一个人喜欢藉由偷看或偷拍他人更衣,裸体或性行为而得到性快感的行为,偷窥者借由偷窥别人的行为而得到快感。 修正法案中则针对受害者在未有知情同意的情况下被录音或偷窥。换句话说,窥淫者需证明他们是经得允许的情况下进行录影或窥视,才可能脱罪。…

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