Source : Ariel Twitter account.

Commuters furious as CCL experience delay in train service for 4 days in a row

At around 5.30 am today (1 September) SMRT tweeted that due to intermittent signalling issue, commuters would need additional travel time on Circle Line (CCL). This time it did not mention how long it would be and it does not say whether there was any free shuttle bus available.

About 15 minutes later, it tweeted the same thing.

When a train loses communication, it applies emergency braking as a safety precaution. This has caused journeys to be not only longer, but also jerkier.

SMRT has earlier warned standing commuters to hold on to handrails. Going by the slew of public tweets, some trains may also be bypassing stations.

Commuters were furious as this is the fourth day in a row. The first one occured on 29 August due to intermittent signalling issue, and the same happened on Tuesday and Wednesday.

The Transport Minister, Khaw Boon Wan has kept silent over the past few days over the service disruption on Circle Line.