Source : Eisen Twitter account.

Commuters outraged as train services on Circle Line disrupted for the third day in a row

On its Twitter page this morning (Wednesday), SMRT tweeted that commuters need 3-5 minutes additional travelling time due to intermittent signalling issue.

Hours later it tweeted that 10 minutes additional travelling time is needed.

Around half an hour later, it said that 10 minutes additional time is still needed.

SMRT then said that the commuters should expect 5 minutes additional of waiting time between Dhoby Ghaut / Marina Bay and Paya Lebar.

Commuters were outraged as the delays have taken place consecutively over recent days. On 29 August (Sunday), Train services along the Circle Line were affected by intermittent signalling issues and problems persisted till the end of service that day. Just yesterday (30 August), Circle line experienced similar problems with intermittent signalling issues.

As usual, the time of delay announced by the train operator is different from the actual waiting time that commuters experience on the ground.