Tycoon Peter Lim / photo: sentimentche.es

Tycoon Peter Lim makes police report on online posts linking him to get-rich-quick scheme

The Singaporean tycoon and owner of Spain’s football team Valencia, Peter Lim has filed a police report about the online claims which links him to a get-rich-quick scheme.

“Peter Lim flatly denies that he has anything to do with the claims made in these reports,” said his firm, Kestrel Capital in a statement on Monday (28 August).

“He is concerned and disturbed that irresponsible parties use his name with questionable intentions that mislead unsuspecting members of the public; that’s why he lodged a police report.,” Kestrek Capital stated.

“Netizens should also refrain from circulating and reposting these false claims,” the firm added.

The statement also addressed to members of the public, advising to ‘protect themselves against these false and misleading claims’ and to be careful not to become victims of get-rich-quick scams.

One of the online reports with a headline “Peter Lim Reveals Easy Work At Home Trick (quit your job in 30 days!),” claims that the tycoon has given out his secret formula that the average Singaporean now uses, to make fast money from home.”

Lim’s daughter, Kim Lim posted a photo of the alleged scam on her Instagram account.