Image from Prime MInister Office

What will dear Prime Minister say for this year’s NDR?

By Chris Kuan

Here we go again: National Day Rally.

Me thinks the script goes as follows. Joseph Schooling winning the nation’s first summer Olympic gold medal is a god-send for the Prime Minister. He will not miss the opportunity to say more than a few words about Joseph. Feel good factor to butter up the audience you see, especially before the unpalatable stuff he is gonna say later.

What might those be? He will make plenty of noises of economic uncertainties, present and future. Much accolades to himself and his ilk for steering the nation through the current difficult circumstances and hence this country will need to continue as a place that “attract” foreign talents. He will make more noises about the recent IPS survey and racial harmony. Then he will make it loud and clear that the people “trust” the PAP and the government requires “unity” and not “politics” to “future-proof” the nation.

All this finally leads to the denouement of the NDR: changes to the Elected Presidency which will be a stitch-up to exclude the independent-minded Mr. Tan Cheng Bock and to make sure a yes-man gets to be President, elected or appointed it hardly matters. “Future-proof” don’t need check and balance, it needs the “trust” and “harmony” that comes from the unity of a one-party government, you see………

Apologies, not taking any bets on me being wrong about this.

The National Day Rally will be screen live at and Sign language interpretation will be provided for the live stream.

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