Source : sharonnly Instagram account.

Joseph Schooling, the first Singaporean gold medal winner is currently on his victory parade around Singapore.

Schooling won Singapore’s first gold medal after beating former Olympic winner, Micheal Phelps at the 100m butterfly event at Rio Olympics 2016 on Saturday (13 August).

The finals were held at 9.10 am Singapore time. Schooling completed the race in just 50.39s which broke the Olympics Games record. He beat the previous record of 50.58s by Michael Phelps in 2008 Olympics Games held in Beijing.

Earlier on Monday, the Parliament passed a motion to congratulate him for his winning of the Olympic gold medal.

This is the first time the country had won a gold medal since the first time the Olympics Games was held in 1948.

Here are some pictures of the event posted on social media :


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