“To maintain law and order on the roads, the Traffic Police (TP) takes stern enforcement against errant motorist who flout traffic rules an endanger the lives of other road users,” Singapore Police Force (SPF) wrote on its post to remind the road users.

TP statistics shows that last year 4,856 motorcyclist and pillion riders were involved in traffic accidents, in which 72 death occurred during the accidents.

According to TP, its officers use a 900cc “stealth bike” in order to catch those errant motorists who tend to speed to avoid getting the tickets as driving in a car is less manoeuvrable. Often, officers would lose the law-breaker motorists in heavy traffic.

The TPs who ride on the “stealth bikes” wear black jackets on top of their white uniforms and carry their warrant cards.

The Traffic Police also warned people not to play the mobile game “Pokémon Go” and drive.

The law-breakers are obliged to be fined or put up in jail according to the law they break

Driving while using mobile communication devices                                                                                      

First offence      : Fine up to $1,000 or imprisonment up to 6 months, or both
Repeat offence  : Fine up to $2,000 or imprisonment up to 12 months, or both


Fine up to $200 and up to 24 demerit points

Reckless or dangerous driving                                                                                                                              

First offence        : Fine up to $3,000 or 12 month imprisonment, or both                                                             Repeat offence   : Fine up to $5,000 or 24 months imprisonment, or both

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