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The Traffic Police at a dialogue session with taxi drivers last month have made certain over the question of whether it is an offence for motorists to use their cellphones while their vehicles are stationary at a traffic light.

Superintendent Louis Loke, Head (Operations & Training said, for it to be considered using of cellphone while driving, and thus an offence, three conditions must be fulfilled.

  1. First, the vehicle must be in motion.
  2. Second, the driver has to be holding the device,
  3. Third, using a function on it.

Mr Loke noted that, if only one or two of the conditions are fulfilled, it is not an offence,

And he stressed that for the safety of driving,

  • We should always be focused on driving,
  • Don’t do other things while driving.

“We’re in control of the vehicle so it’s dangerous,” Mr Loke added.

The Road Traffic Act was broadened out last year, making it an offence for motorists to hold and use any sort of mobile device while driving.

More than just calling or text messaging – as provided by previous law – surfing the internet, visiting social media platforms, and any other function are now included in “using”.

And the rules apply not just to cellphones, but also to all mobile communication devices such as tablets and the likes.

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