Screenshot from Grab homepage.

SMRT taxi driver banned from GrabCar service for harassing its driver

A man was banned by GrabCar from the ride-hailing platform for making a prank order and harassing drivers of the company.

According to The Straits Times, the man has been identified as Mr Peter Quek and he was in his 30’s or 40’s. It also said that Mr Quek is happened to be an SMRT taxi driver.

It was said that for over than nine months Mr Quek made bookings for rides at unusual times and he made bookings with fake destinations and pick-up locations. Once, he even asked for a driver to take him to Pulau Ubin. When the driver arrived, he would make excuses like that his office was on fire and that he could not wait any longer and had been on a taxi.

He did not want to cancel the order by himself and forced the driver to cancel the booking. The booking which was done by the driver would affect his/her cancellation rate and therefore it reduced the incentive payment they receive from Grab.

Apart from making fake bookings, Mr Quek also made sexist comments towards one of the GrabCar driver, Eliza Shen. She filed a report for being harassed by Mr Quek in Whatsapp messaging groups and Facebook discussion groups.

She said that among other GrabCar drivers who directing angry comments at Mr Quek, he chose to make sexist comments towards Ms Shen because she was a woman. Mr Quek also posted pictures of Ms Shen’s son, which he took from Facebook Page, in instant messaging chat groups and on Facebook, ignoring Ms Shen’s request to change the picture.

Grab spokesperson said, “We take a very serious view on abuse of our platform. Abusers of our platform, be it a driver or passenger, will have their access to the platform revoked, and severe cases escalated to law enforcers.”