SDP announces intention to contest in By-Election for Bukit Batok SMC

In a Statement to the Press from Dr Chee, the Singapore Democratic Party has expressed it’s intention to contest in the By-Election for Bukit Batok SMC that is to be held in due-course.

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In GE 2015, SDP’s candidate Sadasivam Veriyah garnered a quarter of the votes in the constituency in a three-way fight. Sadasivam was an ex Teacher and former Unionist and Grassroots leader under then MP for Ayer Rajah and Presidential Candidate Dr Tan Cheng Bock.

Mr Sadasivam Veriyah, SDP's candidate for Bukit Batok SMC at the last elections
Mr Sadasivam Veriyah, SDP’s candidate for Bukit Batok SMC at the last elections

Despite chatter that SDP Chief Chee Soon Juan himself will contest the seat, the SDP has yet to disclose it’s candidate. Mr Sadasivam could not be contacted for comment and Dr Chee did not rule the possibility of running for the seat himself. Some sources close to the Party also note that Dr Paul Tambyah may contest the seat.

On the other side of the fence, the PAP also has yet to disclose any information on who they would be sending to contest the ward.

The PMO’s office announced earlier today that until the time a By-Election is called, Senior Minister of State and MP for neighboring Jurong GRC Desmond Lee will oversee the constituency. MP for Jurong GRC Ang Wei Neng will also take over the Bukit Batok Town Council


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Indepndent Candidate Samir Neji, SDP’s Sadasivam Veiryah and PAP’s David Ong (From L – R)

In the last General Election, Bukit Batok SMC saw a 3-cornered fight between PAP’s David Ong, SDP’s Sadasivam Veriyah and Independent Candidate Samir Neji. It was one of three 3-cornered SMC fights, the other 2 being in Radin Mas SMC and Macpherson SMC.

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David Ong emerged triumphant in the three way fight with almost 73% of the votes. SDP’s candiate scored more than a quarter of the votes. Independent Candidate Samir Neji garnered only 150 votes, losing his deposit in the process.

It is not known as of now if Neji and/or other Opposition Parties are keen to contest the By-Election, but if it were to be a 2 way fight between SDP and PAP, the former would need to galvanize a vote swing of at least 24% to enter Parliament.