Who would Singaporeans vote for in the US presidential election

54% of Singapore respondents in a survey stated that they would vote for presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton if given a choice to vote in the upcoming United States presidential election.

The survey was conducted by SurveyMonkey between January 25 and 26, 2016 and received 363 responses from random people in Singapore.

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Majority or 50% of the total respondents state that they are moderates, with 34% saying that they are liberal and 16% being conservative. Of course, the question is whether the respondents know what the terms actually refer to.

59% of the self-proclaimed moderates would vote for Hillary vs 25% for Sanders and 44% of conservatives would vote for Hillary while 9% for Bernie Sanders. Only 15% of liberals would vote for Donald Trump, 3% Ted Cruz.

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Younger people were more likely to vote for Bernie Sanders with 37% of 18-24 while those older than 55 chose Hillary by 70% margin.

One might think people living in Singapore would find it hard to recognise the hopeful presidential candidates. But not so, say the survey. Apart from Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump who are definitely recognisable with the media’s constant attention, 81% of the respondents successfully named Bernie Sanders with only 8% choosing a made up name, while 73% successfully identified Ted Cruz with only 9% choosing the made up name.

Note: The survey was conducted via Facebook advertising without any restrictions meaning it was available to anyone that accessed Facebook in Singapore and since Facebook has a near 100% penetration in Singapore, the survey should somewhat cover the whole spectrum. 
However, this survey is based on Internet responses and not scientifically conducted. Results are for reference only.