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Jeannette Chong-Aruldoss, the Singapore People’s Party (SPP) candidate for Mountbatten SMC, on Monday launched her manifesto for Mountbatten, outlining her plans for the constituency should she be elected.

Running with the slogan “Tireless in Mountbatten, Fearless in Parliament”, Chong-Aruldoss strove to emphasise her ability to perform the dual roles of a Singaporean Member of Parliament – that of a town council chairman and of a legislator in Parliament.

JCA 400She brought up the experience of the SPP in running a town council, as Chiam See Tong had successfully managed a town council for many years before handing the books over to the PAP’s Sitoh Yi Pin in 2011. The books were all in order and a surplus had been recorded.

Promises made in the manifesto include championing accountability and transparency by pushing for a Freedom of Information Act, establishing a Mountbatten Social Mobility Bursary to help students transition from ITE to polytechnic or polytechnic to university, and to preserve at least three blocks of the iconic Dakota Crescent residences that have been marked for redevelopment.

“I want to make Mountbatten a home, not just a play to stay,” she emphasised throughout her press conference.

Chong-Aruldoss also highlighted her position as an opposition politician as one that would allow her to speak up in Parliament.

“I think the most important thing is that Mr Lim Biow Chuan is a member of the ruling party. And he doesn’t have the freedom that I have to ask the right questions. I do not have the party whip allegiance or adherence to party policy. I will have the freedom and liberty to support policies which benefit Singaporeans and to call out policies that do not. So that’s a very big difference,” she told TOC when asked about the distinguishing factors between her and her PAP opponent.

Also recently launched was her campaign video:

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两位新加坡人乘着连假出游,到柔佛丰盛港参加独木舟泛舟活动,但之后不知所踪,至今马国海事执法机构的搜救工作仍在进行中。 目前,已确认两位失踪者为52岁的陈英顺和64岁的潘玉婷(名字皆为译音)。 马国海事执法机构在昨晚发文告指出,新山海上救援中心在9日下午2时15分,接获丰盛港区警方通知,指两名新加坡人在丰盛港兴楼一带岛屿进行独木舟活动后,不知去向。 他们和另外13人,于前日从直落慕桑(Teluk kesang)划艇到磨当岛(Pulau  Mertang )。不过,队友过后在傍晚时分发现,共划一艘双人艇的两人已经掉队。 文告称事发时两位失踪者共乘一艘亮绿色的皮艇。 马国队伍则在昨日下午3时30分启动搜救行动,并在兴楼本亚邦渡轮码头设立搜救基地。