NSP’s Steve Chia announces his withdrawal from upcoming elections

steve chia forum
National Solidarity Party’s member, Mr Steve Chia has announced via his personal facebook account that he would not be contesting in MacPherson Single Member Constituency (SMC) and also would not be contesting in the upcoming General Election.

While Mr Chia did not clearly attributed the reason for his withdrawal from the election, but the content of the post suggests that the negativity surrounding NSP’s flip-flopping on the withdrawal from MacPherson SMC might have affected him much.

The former non-constituency Member of Parliament (NCMP) wrote in his post, “The Trolls have won”, followed with hashtags of ‪#‎MyReputationIsGone‬,  ‪#‎PeopleOnlyRemembersTheBad‬,‪ #‎NotWorthIt‬.

He also attached a hyperlink to a website created that contains information of his past as a politician. He clarified that the site is not set up by him and that some of the information in it are not correctly written.

Mr Chia went on to state his personal wish that Workers’ Party would send a strong candidate and take down MacPherson SMC.

Earlier this week, former Secretary General, Hazel Poa resigned from NSP due to the party’s decision to go back on its earlier decision to contest MacPherson SMC, going into a three-corner fight with Workers’ Party and People’s Action Party. Mr Chia is said to be the candidate that the party was going to field for the SMC.