We should all just have taken Sylvia Lim’s Instagram advice

An Instagram photo of Sylvia Lim eating orh luak was all it took to spark speculation that she would be leaving the Aljunied GRC team to contest in Fengshan SMC.

Sylvia Lim Instagram post
Sylvia Lim Instagram post

But all that came to naught today when the Workers’ Party confirmed that the Aljunied team would remain intact, while both Png Eng Huat and Lee Lilian will continue to stand in Hougang and Punggol East respectively.

The somewhat anti-climatic reveal has shown that we all should have taken the advice Lim gave in her second Instagram post:

Although new to Instagram, Lim has 1,708 followers at the time of writing – possibly from the attention drawn to her account by Teo Chee Hean, first Assistant Secretary-General of the People’s Action Party (PAP) and current Deputy Prime Minister of Singapore.

Teo on Friday took issue with the photo of Lim eating orh luak (or oyster omelette) in Fengshan, saying, “Now we see the chairman of the town council saying that Fengshan SMC looks quite delicious. What’s going to happen? You’re going to swallow up Fengshan? For what purpose? To serve the residents of Fengshan? Or is Fengshan delicious because you want to add it to the pot? And help the town council with the deficit?”

Lim’s Instagram account could be one to watch this elections. Her latest post shows her with Ron Tan, Pam Chae and Kenneth Foo in Chong Pang. While Chae is a member of the Workers’ Party youth wing, both Tan and Foo are deemed potential candidates to be fielded by WP in the upcoming election.

“In the den of my ‘favourite’ Minister… Better move in groups. #reasonstowin,” read her caption.

Chong Pang, within Nee Soon GRC, is the stronghold of Law Minister and PAP Assistant Treasurer K Shanmugam.


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