Photo: Shanghaiist
Photo: Shanghaiist
Photo: Shanghaiist

A surveillance video of a BMW smashing into a Mazda sedan has gone viral online.

The incident, reported by the website, apparently happened last Saturday in Nanjing, China.

“Surveillance video has captured the terrifying moment a BMW driving at “lightning speed” crashed into a Mazda sedan last Saturday in Nanjing, smashing the vehicle into pieces,” the Shanghaiist reported. “Both passengers in the Mazda were thrown out of the car and pronounced dead at the scene.”

It is also reported that the BMW was trying to beat a traffic light and was going at a speed of 150km per hour.

“Pieces of the completely destroyed Mazda flew for several meters, hitting a public bus and a taxi,” the website says.

“I just felt a gush of wind and a strong vibration at the left-hand side of my car,” a witness surnamed Zhao said. “Then I heard a loud noise and saw a car thrown into the air.”

The 35-year-old driver of the BMW, who abandoned his car immediately after the accident, was arrested some 300 to 400 meters away from the scene, with his face covered in blood, according to the Shanghaiist.

He has also been detained for questioning.

Police say investigations are ongoing.

Watch the video here:

In 2012, a Ferrari ran a red light in Singapore, smashing into a taxi at a junction in Bugis.

The crash instantly killed the 31-year-old Ferrari driver, Chinese national Ma Chi, while the taxi passenger, a 41-year-old Japanese woman, died in hospital two hours later.

It was reported than that the “Ferrari driver was a financial adviser from Sichuan who was applying for permanent residency and already living in a Singapore penthouse with his family..”

The incident was caught by the dashboard camera of another car and sparked anti-foreigner sentiments in Singapore.

Watch the video here:

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