nuhFoodcourt chain, Kopitiam, has dismissed the worker whose act of washing her shoes in a kitchen basin at a food stall went viral online.

In a post on its Facebook page on Tuesday, Kopitiam apologised for the incident.

“With regard to the incident in our food court located at NUH, we would like to apologize for this unpleasant encounter. Please be assured that we take this matter seriously,” the company said.

“The staff in question has been terminated with immediate effect and we will be conducting a thorough investigation into this matter.”

It also said that all washing equipment has been replaced and the sink where the shoes were washed has been disinfected.

The incident first came to light on Sunday when Facebook user, Queenie Here, posted a video of it on her page.

The video has since been viewed more than 350,000 times.

In a short clip of what appears to be the desserts and fruits stall at Kopitiam at the National University of Singapore (NUH), a staff member of the stall is seen washing her shoes with a brush in the basin which presumably is for washing dishes or vegetables and fruits.

After scrubbing her shoes, the staff member later placed the brush back in a plastic holder together with some knives.

Ms “Queenie Here”, who posted the video on her Facebook page, said she had wanted to order some dessert after her dinner on Sunday, 21 June.

“Unfortunately I saw this scene,” she said.

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