Hard questions with opposition veteran, Goh Meng Seng

Mr Goh Meng Seng, formerly from the Workers’ Party and former secretary general of the National Solidarity Party, recently tried to register a new political party, the People’s Power Party.

TOC spoke to him and posed some hard questions about political philosophies, party in-fighting, success factors in Singapore politics, and the need for political contest.

Why did he move from party to party before making this latest decision?

Will the new PPP dilute the opposition vote?

Will he contest in Aljunied GRC?

What are his criteria for his candidates?

Mr Goh revealed that he still saw cooperation among political parties as essential for taking on the incumbent, but there is also a need to question the values of the parties and candidates who put themselves up for the ballot.

However, he also cautioned that Singapore has not reached a state of political maturity for us to vote beyond party brands and superficial criteria, and more needs to be done to encourage a change in mindset.

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