Amos Yee: Allegation of molest is to manipulate press

Amos Yee: Allegation of molest is to manipulate press

Amos Yee surrounded by media when he left state court. Photo - Straits Times.
Amos Yee surrounded by media when he left state court. Photo – Straits Times, Wong Kwai Chow.

Amos Yee has just clarified on his facebook fanpage that his allegation of molest by his former bailor today was to manipulate the press into waiting for him at the Pasir Panjang MRT.

16-year old blogger, Amos Yee, who was found guilty of two charges brought against him by the Attorney General’s Chambers on Tuesday, 12 May, made an allegation of molest against his former bailor, Mr Vincent Low.

Amos was found guilty of the charge of obscenity and wounding the feelings of Christians in a YouTube video criticising former prime minister, Lee Kuan Yew.

Amos had said earlier in his facebook page status that reporters have been gathering at his doorstep, seeking exclusive interviews and some photos of him.

He went on to say that he should entertain the reporters despite being given advice not to do so and that he would be giving information to reporters on how he was molested by his former bailor.

Mr Vincent Law, a family counselor, has since clarified to TOC that Amos’ allegation against him is false and has no truth whatsoever.

Mr Law had bailed Amos Yee out from police remand on 21 April and subsequently discharged himself as bailor on 30 April, Wednesday.

After 7 hours from his initial posting, Amos wrote another facebook post to clarify that his allegation against his former bailor was his way to troll the media.

Amos wrote,

Yeah… I think some people found out by now… I did, in fact, make use of the voracious desire of the reporters, to xxxx with the mainstream media.

I think it’s pretty obvious when I have arranged a meeting with a person named ‘Dick Ow’, and there is no video game store in Red Hill, at least one that I’m aware of.

I manipulated the press to indulge in the thoroughly exhausting experience of waiting in Pasir Panjang fruitlessly for several hours, which they did with their quote unquote ‘diligence’. They are all quite obscure and hard places to reach in Singapore aren’t they?

And Vincent Law didn’t really molest me, haha. Though he is immensely creepy. I’ll save the specific details for another time.

Yeah it was all a troll, a troll that can only be possible by the inherent stupidity of the media. Have fun!

TOC understands that Mr Vincent Law is still being hounded by reporters from the mainstream media and declined to give a response to Amos’ clarification.

Over the past few hours, many individuals have voiced their disappointment on social media over the allegation made by Amos about Mr Law.

Ravi Philemon, director of a NGO wrote,

“Vincent Law is a youth and family counsellor. Besides the stigma that comes with allegations of sexual misconduct, any such allegation could potentially end his career, and the loss of income as a result of that may adversely affect his family and children. But all these are beyond some inconsiderate 16-year-olds, who think allegations like that are just pranks – never mind the potential harm it may cause the person who tried to help you.”

Damien Chng, legal student and anti-death penalty activist wrote,

“All this nonsense only shows that Amos Yee has issues. I think the false allegation against Vincent deserves to be condemned to the fullest extent. No I still don’t think he deserves to be thrown in jail, because thats not the way to deal with this. The way to deal with this was to have just ignored Amos right from the start.”

Basil Lee, former volunteer at Healthserv who had worked with Mr Law, wrote,

“And even if it is a joke, the distress you caused to the person who has been with alongside you cannot be justified by the fact you claim to ‘manipulate’ the media. In my opnion, this is the highest level of dick-ness.

I can vouch for Vincent Law, and his love for people. Not many people I know will willingly wake up every monday at 5 in the morning every just to have breakfast with someone at the other end of the island. Yet he does it because he cares and loves people.

You never alienate your support system. That is just suicidal.”

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