ACS principal in spotlight over email about carnival tickets


The principal of Anglo-Chinese School (Barker), Peter Tan, is in the spotlight for an email he sent out to parents allegedly asking them to encourage their sons to sell and purchase carnival tickets.

In his letter, e-mailed to all parents and uploaded on the school website, principal Peter Tan said: “As I told the boys, their effort in selling coupons reflects on their attitude. It is less an issue of ‘rich’ friends or relatives, but their willingness to step out of their comfort zone.”

A mother, incensed by the email, informed the media.

“The letter worked me up so much that I couldn’t sleep. You cannot force people to donate,” the mother said.

The Straits Times reports:

In the letter, Mr Tan also recommended that each boy buy $50 worth of tickets for themselves to use at the carnival, which will have food, drinks and games stalls.

He called on parents to help out at the carnival. “Extra pairs of hands ready and willing to help that day would be great! For instance, we have a parent who has offered to drive in his Ferrari and Maserati to add to the carnival atmosphere,” he wrote.

Each boy was given 20 tickets to sell, with each costing $10. One ticket is made up of five $2 coupons, which cannot be sold individually.

ACS (Barker) vice-principal John Wu, however, said:

“There is no compulsion for students to sell or buy up all their coupons.”

He said that funds raised would support various school programmes and improvement works.

He explained that the school has “always ensured that students understand the significance of the school’s fund-raising efforts as a way to make a difference and give back to society”.