LTA: Summons should have been issued to illegally parked cars

LTA: Summons should have been issued to illegally parked cars

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The Land Transport Authority (LTA) has concluded through its investigations that the cars parked illegally outside of Siglap South Community Center should have been issued with summons as the community centre did not apply for special parking approval from LTA.

It has also taken necessary actions against its outsourced contractor on the matter.

This is response to TOC’s queries on an earlier article about the incident at  Siglap South Community Center where a contractor from the LTA was filmed, not issuing for the illegally parked cars along the side of the road.

[youtube id=”hoOuD6MvSGE” align=”center” mode=”normal”]

The video in the earlier article, showed that cars were clearly being parked along the side of the road where it has double yellow line painted over it.

It was mentioned by video uploader that the Siglap South Community Center was having an event with a Member of Parliament attending the function.

Vehicles were illegally parked up to their carpark gate, making it difficult for residents to turn into. The video uploader then called LTA and a traffic warden came. He noted that the traffic warden did not issue any summons for the vehicle and decided to take a video of it.

Below is the full response of LTA

We refer to your email of 26 January 2015 and wish to inform on our investigation results arising from the incident of 24 January 2015 along Siglap South Community Centre (CC).

Event organisers may occasionally request special parking approval from LTA to enable event participants to park at a kerb with double yellow lines for a designated period. These include occasions such as community events, large gatherings at places of worship or school events. For such requests, LTA would consider a range of factors, such as safety and impact to traffic flow before deciding whether or not to grant approval.

In this case, LTA had investigated the incident to determine whether the CC had applied for such approval. The CC did not do so and the warden should have issued summons to those who parked illegally. With this, we had taken the necessary actions against our outsourced contractor.

Thank you for the opportunity to clarify.

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