While it has paid the fine to the National Environment Agency for holding an illegal fair, the Aljunied Hougang Punggol East Town Council (AHPETC) has said that it was “not satisfied with the outcome of the case.”

In a media statement issued today, 24 December, chairman Sylvia Lim indicated that AHPETC decided to take the matter to court not because it wanted to make things difficult for NEA, but because it wanted transparency on how a government agency exercises its power conferred by law in a fair and just manner.

Ms Lim said that the town council has been hampered by the case, leaving it unable to organise any activities and events for its residents during this festive period. She also said that AHPETC has “also lost a source of revenue to manage its operations”.

Ms Lim also said that the Town Council is keeping its options open, and might pursue the matter with the High Court, as the State Court did not decide on whether NEA’s permit requirements are “valid and reasonable.”

AHPETC’s statement is replicated in full below. TOC has also reported earlier on the verdict, please read here for the case.

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