Hotel says “non event” for local celebrity’s complaint


On Dec 9, MediaCorp actress Cynthia Koh stated that she was on a “paycation” at Hotel Jen Orchardgateway Singapore through her instagram account.

All was well with her vacation till she received 11 bites on her during her last night at Hotel Jen. Ms Koh complained to the hotel and the hotel got back to her saying that no insect has been found in the room that she stayed in.


After pursuing further with the hotel management, the hotel responded by saying that they will reimburse her doctor fees of S$55 out of goodwill as they are sure that the room is clear of any insect and that no other guests have had any issues with the room.


When contacted by TOC, the hotel replied briefly by saying, “This was a non event that was amicably resolved.”

Below was the comment made by Ms Koh after the whole incident.