[youtube id=”D2QOtnLdnLQ” align=”center” mode=”normal”] Thinking of how to showcase your house to potential buyers with that special touch of fun for that extra bit of attention?
Well, someone had the brightest of ideas to build a rollercoaster track for the visitor to take a fast and enjoyable ride around the house.
This project is part of a publicity campaign by Dutch Bank, ABN AMRO where customers looking for help selling their homes sign up at their website, huizenpromoter to have help in generating light-hearted publicity for their homes.
The idea sure had many interested in the house on sale with many viewers of the video commenting along the line, “I would only buy the house if the roller coaster comes with the house.”
While you can’t do that in Singapore with the public housing flats or even the semi-detach houses. But it would sure be fun if someone could make off with such a publicity stunt.

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