Singapore police force fake ingots
Police officers with the seized items (source: SPF’s facebook page)
The Singapore police force (SPF) have arrested three men over alleged cheating through a scam that involved the use of fake gold ingots and will be charging the men in court for attempted cheating.
In a press conference this afternoon, Commander of Central Police Division, Deputy Assistant Commissioner (DAC) Daniel Tan shared about the arrest of three men aged between 37 and 44 yesterday for attempted cheating in a scam involving the use of fake gold ingots.
SPF shared that they received a report on 25 November 2014 at about 3pm, informing that the complainant had been approached by 2 men claiming to have found gold ingots while excavating the ground at an unknown site in Singapore. The men offered to sell the gold ingots at an attractive price. In an attempt to deceive the complainant, the men produced a document in old Chinese writings,resembling an old will, as well as a piece of gold ingot for the purpose of allowing the complainant to conduct authentication checks with any goldsmith shop. After negotiating the price, the suspects left after informing the complainant to consider the offer. As the complainant was unsure of the deal that was too good to be true, he eventually alerted the police.

Upon receiving the report, officers from Central Police Division conducted follow up enquiries into the case. Following an ambush operation, the officers managed to detain and arrest the two suspects. Through further investigations, the officers also arrested another accomplice and seized a number of case exhibits which included over 200 pieces of mini gold coloured ingots, a piece of paper with Chinese writings and 6 yellow gold-coloured mini Budda statues.
Investigations against the suspects are ongoing. The suspects will be charged in court on 27 November 2014 for the offence of Attempted Cheating under Section 420 read with Section 511 of the Penal Code, Chapter 244, which is punishable with imprisonment for a term which may extend to 10 years and a fine.
Singapore police fake ingots 2
Deputy Assistant Commissioner (DAC) Daniel Tan addressing the press – (source: SPF’s facebook page)
Commander of Central Police Division, Deputy Assistant Commissioner (DAC) Daniel Tan commended his officers for their excellent investigations which led to the arrest of the suspects on the same day the report was received. DAC Tan reminded members of public to be wary of such scams and to report the matter to the Police at the earlier opportunity.
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