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New app delivers movies for the Internet, now in your pocket

13 NOV 2014, SINGAPORE – The online video platform for Asian short films launches its first mobile Viddsee app for iPhone, bringing the best of Asian entertainment, stories and films on-the-go, and in your pocket.
The Viddsee app delivers new weekly curations designed for a simple, intuitive experience. Users can discover and choose what films they like with a comprehensive presentation of films, simply by just swiping.
“Viddsee films are stories that consumers won’t get on TV. These are movies for the Internet, now accessible through our platform, and in users’ pockets or handbags. They are entertaining, inspiring, heartwarming, horrifying and thought-provoking. Movies for the Internet is the future of entertainment and we’re proud to be part of this evolution,” says Viddsee co-founder Ho Jia Jian.
Another key feature is the “queue” and “watch offline” modes. This enhanced and seamless viewing experience is designed for the mobile video market. Using a smart Wi-Fi technology, short films are auto-downloaded when Wi-Fi is detected, allowing users to save on mobile data.
“These features address our users’ needs, as over 40% of them access our platform daily for high-quality short films and entertainment from Asia. We designed this app for mobile users who are typically restricted to data connectivity and accessibility,” Viddsee’s other co-founder Derek Tan says.
The new Viddsee app for iPhone is available for free on the App Store or
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