Would PAP use the military in event of a “freak” election?

ho kwan ping lecture
Janadas Devan (left), Ho Kwon Ping (right)

The first IPS-Nathan Lecture by Executive Chairman of Banyan Tree Holdings, Ho Kwon Ping took place at the National University of Singapore’s Cultural Theatre on Monday evening. In his lecture, Mr. Ho presented his views on how Singapore’s political scene would be shaped in the next fifty years.

Mr Chew Kheng Chuan, (KC Chew) asked Mr. Ho during the question and answer segment of the lecture if the the government or the People’s Action Party (PAP) would accept their defeat or will there be an unprecedented military takeover if a super “freak” election, an opposition party, like the Workers’ Party came to power.

Mr. Ho : KC, do you think I am stupid enough to even want to bother to answer that question. Next question please… I am not going to be baited by you.

(Audience laughs)

Mr. Janadas: We have got a citizen army, in other words, if that would have happened, most of the soldiers would have voted for the other party.

(Audience laughs)

Mr. Ho: My more honest answer to that, I do believe that the ruling party would accept it because this ruling party I think plays by the rule although they push a little bit.

And I think the ruling party understands history, and it will recognise as I have pointed out that virtually all ruling founding parties that lost the election got voted back in again and I think this ruling party is wise enough, at least I think it is wise enough that they will recognise that losing one election and biding its time to win back again, is quite easily achievable but disallowing the democratic process to proceed is going to destroy Singapore so my more serious answer to that is, I do not think this will happen.