Provide more information on claims: Ngerng’s lawyer to Lee

PM Lee and Roy

M Ravi, lawyer for blogger Roy Ngerng who is being sued by Lee Hsien Loong for defamation, has asked Mr Lee’s lawyers for “further and better particulars” of the Statement of Claim which Mr Lee is making against his client.

Mr Lee is claiming “aggravated damages” from the courts based on 9 points laid out by his lawyer from Drew and Napier, Mr Davinder Singh.

Mr Ravi, in a letter to Mr Lee’s lawyers sent on Wednesday, asks that Mr Lee provide the “full facts and particulars” for 4 of these points.

Namely, these include:

– the alleged “malice” on the part of Mr Ngerng;

– the matters laid out in Mr Lee’s lawyer’s letter of 26, 27;

– the matters laid out in Mr Lee’s lawyer’s letter of 28 May;

– and the allegation of Mr Ngerng’s “calculated and cynical conduct to use the occasion of his libels to promote himself and cause further distress and injury” to Mr Lee.

“Please let us know by 25 June 2014 if your client will kindly agree to provide our client with the said further and particulars by 2 July 2014,” Mr Ravi said in his letter to Mr Lee’s lawyer, “failing which our client will have no alternative but to apply to Court for further and better particulars of the Statement of Claim requested for in this letter.”

Mr Lee is suing Mr Ngerng for a blog post which Mr Ngerng has written and published on 15 May.

Mr Lee is claiming that the post had defamed him by comparing the management of the CPF funds to the ongoing corruption trial of the City Harvest Church leaders, and that Mr Lee was guilty of “criminal misappropriation” of the CPF funds.

Mr Ngerng had earlier acceded to the demands made by Mr Lee, namely to remove the blog article, to make an apology on his blog, and to make an offer of compensation to Mr Lee.

Mr Lee, however, dismissed the apology as being insincere and the S$5,000 offer of compensation from Mr Ngerng as “derisory”, which is also one of the bases on which Mr Lee is claiming aggravated damages.