“A-Mei” told not to sing her song at music festival due to inappropriate content

(Image of “A-Mei” performance by Spring Wave Music Festival)

It is reported that renowned Taiwanese singer, Zhang Hui Mei also known as “A-Mei”, was told that she cannot perform her song, “Rainbow” in the recent Spring Wave Music Festival held at Gardens by the Bay just before her performance started. This is confirmed by Leap Integrated Marketing Solutions, the marketing and PR consultancy outfit for the event.

The song, “Rainbow” depicts relationships between homosexuals. As there had been no problem with the song during her AMeiZING performance held in Singapore previously, this decision has left the singer and her crew dumbfounded.

The Spring Wave Music Festival is held each year in Kenting (southernmost part of Taiwan) with more than 20,000 attendees every year. This is the second year the music festival is held in Singapore and attracted more than 4000 to the event on 7th June.

The organizers of the event explained to the singer that no approval had been given for the song. They said that the event is an open door event, so they cannot control the age of the audience and the content of the song is not appropriate.

While Ms Zhang understands the decision of the organizers but feels perplexed over it as the lyrics and mood of the song, “Rainbow” is very gentle and mild. This song has also been used to start off most of her performances.


Report by papers say that according to an MDA spokesperson, the ban on the song was due to Spring Wave being an outdoor event accessible by all members of the public.

“For indoor events, consumer advisories are used to allow consumers to make more informed media choices for themselves and their children. The nature of outdoor performances at public spaces, such as Spring Wave which was held at Gardens by the Bay, makes it difficult to do the same. Hence, organisers of these events should ensure that their performances are suitable for general audiences.”

Parts of the lyrics of the song with translation of text –

你整齊潔白的床 是我傾訴的地方
Your tidy pristine white bed is where I confide.

抱你哭著到天亮 你等待幸福的廚房
Hugging you and cry till daybreak , you wait for the kitchen of happiness.

那次情人節晚餐 卻是我陪你嚐
But I was the one to taste with you, that dinner at Valentine’s day.

衣櫃不算太寬 藏著你的天堂 依然歡迎我分享
The wardrobe is not considered too wide, hiding your heaven, still welcoming me to share.

我們的愛很像 都因男人而受傷 卻又繼續碰撞
Our love is very similar, because both are hurt by men but yet continue to knock against.

當天空昏暗 當氣溫失常 你用巨大的堅強 總能抵擋
When the sky is dark and the temperature is abnormal, you are always able to withstand using your will.

當尖銳眼光 當刺耳聲響 你用彩虹的浪漫 溫柔包裝
you use the warmth of the rainbow, package of gentle.

看我丟掉他的西裝 比我先紅了眼眶
Watching me throw away his suit, reddening the eyes before me.

笑我傻 陪我慌
Laughing at my silliness, joining me in my hysteria.

當我找到幸福去向 幫我快樂的化妝
Happily helping me to make up when I find the direction of happiness.

Embedded below is the performance of “Rainbow” by “Ah-Mei” in her concert, AMeiZING (2011)