The Online Citizen to be owned by The Opinion Collaborative Ltd

Media Release

With immediate effect, The Online Citizen (TOC), which consists of the domain name, will be managed by The Opinion Collaborative Ltd (TOC Ltd), a social enterprise registered under the Companies Act.

TOC will retain its full editorial independence, while ceding its administrative and management functions, including those of fund-raising and revenue generation, to TOC Ltd.

This will allow the TOC editorial team to focus completely on its key purpose – bringing news and stories that matter to Singaporeans, and continue in our mission of providing an online platform for Singaporeans to champion causes and values that promote justice, openness and inclusiveness.

What it means for TOC

Having TOC Ltd oversee the financing of TOC provides TOC with a corporate entity with which to raise funds, generate, retain and disburse revenue. At present, this is difficult because of TOC’s lack of corporate status.

At present, there will be no new additions to the TOC editorial team, as additional funds have yet to be raised, but we do hope to increase our editorial capacity in the near future.

TOC Ltd will have oversight of the editorial team only in instances where any member of the editorial team contravenes the website’s editorial values and mission, as this affects public confidence in the website. The editorial team will be able to pursue the day-to-day editorial concerns independently.

What it means for our readers

As such, from a content perspective, users should not expect any change to what they read on TOC. TOC has always been about writing for the people. This will continue.

As TOC’s finances will now be managed by TOC Ltd, all donations will go to a corporate bank account under the care of TOC Ltd. As we recognise that all monies raised in support of TOC continue to be subject to the Political Donations Act, we continue to request that all donations to TOC Ltd for the use of TOC be exclusively from Singaporean citizens only. For verification, we will require you to provide your NRIC number. All donations from non-Singaporean citizens will, unfortunately, have to be refunded.

We would like to appeal to donors to support us by donating using the tabs below. Advertisers keen to support TOC by advertising on our web pages may also contact TOC Ltd directly, at [email protected], to discuss.

Donation via Bank transfer

For readers who wish to donate via internet banking or ATM transfer, our account number is 048-904435-7, DBS Current Account, Raffles Place Branch (048).

Cheques should be addressed to “TOC Ltd”.


About The Opinion Collaborative Ltd

The Opinion Collaborative Ltd (TOC Ltd) is a social enterprise registered with the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority under the Companies Act. TOC Ltd is interested in the development of the online media sphere in Singapore, with the view of promoting an open and diverse media environment that values the constructive collaboration of ideas and views. It aims to do so by supporting websites that seek to enlighten readers and provide diversity of opinion, so as to ignite passion and responsibility in nation-building.

TOC Ltd does not receive foreign funding, nor does it intend to. It will seek revenue – through means such as advertising and donation drives – by leveraging its business interests, such as its flagship brand The Online Citizen. Nevertheless, as a social enterprise, TOC Ltd is not-for-profit. Its key interest is to seek social progress.

The TOC Ltd Board of Directors consist of:

  • Howard Lee
  • Lee Song Kwang
  • Tan Tee Seng
  • Terry Xu

Other board members include:

  • Choo Zheng Xi
  • Andrew Loh

The Board of Directors will be the key decision makers of TOC Ltd, with support from the board members. In following the long-held internal practice of its flagship brand, The Online Citizen, no Director of TOC Ltd may be a member of political parties at the point of joining the Board, and will have to step down should they choose to embark on a political career.