Thinking about a trip to Hong Kong? Then you have to be wary of the counterfeit notes that might be currently circulating the economy.
Just recently, 2 Hong Kong banks found 5 counterfeit 1000-dollar notes (2003 edition) (SGD$164), triggering much alarm amongst the banks in Hong Kong. Banks immediately started to disallow the acceptance of the 1000-dollar notes. Some shops also followed suit and are not accepting the 1000-dollar bill.
The police urge the public not to attempt to re-use the counterfeit notes. If found guilty, there might be a maximum imprisonment of 14 years. Ever since the 5 counterfeit notes have been found, the police have stepped in to warn people of the notes that were printed in 2003. They also hope that citizens and tourists will help stop the inflow of these fake notes back into the circular flow of income in the economy.
The counterfeit notes are of the new variety – with its front and back surfaces being the Bank of China tower and the Hong Kong convention and exhibition centre respectively. This counterfeit of the new variety is happening for the first time.
Workers in banks are trained to tell apart fake from genuine notes. For this batch, the similarity between the two is up to 80%, which means that they are easily taken for one another. However, people can still distinguish the real from fake note with the details of the 5 items on the notes – patterns, watermark, fluorescent barcodes etc.
Most high value goods (such as seafood or expensive items) now use credit cards as a method of payment to minimise the risks involved. Some ATMs from banks such as the Bank of China, HSBC, Hang Seng, Standard Chartered and Citigroup have started to reject Bank of China 2003 edition 1000-dollar bank notes.

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我国总理李显龙在脸书发文,强调武装部队非常重视军训安全, 会尽全力让军训达到“零死亡率”的目标。同时也表示,他身为总理必须确保国防部有能干的领导团队。在军训事故发生时,政府必须向遇难者家属交代、向全体国民服役人员和人民交代,政府不会敷衍了事,草率处理任何过失。 他在一小时前,在个人脸书专页上载中英文稿,针对近期发生的军训事故发表声明。 “宝贵的生命就这样结束。我非常清楚失去亲人的悲痛,对父母来说,他们失去最疼爱的儿子。如果事故涉及公众人物,如冯伟衷一等中士,民众的反应就更强烈了,更难以接受他们的离世。” 相信这也是自战备军人冯伟衷意外事故以来,李显龙针对军训安全议题,首次亲自发表的个人声明。 “每一次发生事故后,我们都会关心受伤士兵的伤势,给他们最好的医疗照顾。对于不幸去世的战友,我们感到伤心难过,我们能体会家属失去至亲的悲痛心情,对同袍们来说也失去了出生入死的兄弟。但我们必须强忍悲伤,为他们的家人提供最好的安排,给他们最佳的照顾,并继续执行我们武装部队的使命。” 他强调,武装部队也会一一展开调查,找出事故发生的原因。之后,武装部队一定会加强安全体系和运作程序,确保类似事故不再发生。即便这非常不容易,但仍须全力以赴,因为每个生命都是宝贵的。 他也指出作为前军官,对于保障下属军训安全有深刻体会,很了解需要为自己部下的军训水平、个人安全以及军中福利负责,代替父母照顾他们。 “后来,身为参谋长,每当发生军训事故时,我都要出面处理,纠正过失,决定处分,对整个运作程序作适当的调整,应该改的就去改,应该做的就去做。我有义务向遇难者的家属交代。我必须想尽办法,在士兵履行使命时,保障他们的安全。” “我和武装部队领导都重视军训安全” 他强调自身和武装部队领导,都非常重视军训安全,并认真看待。“非常重视军训安全,他们会认真对待一切事情。” 他说,战时士兵冲锋陷阵,但在和平时的军训就要保障他们安全。…

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