The Online Citizen is please to announce revisions to our editorial team, with the view of improving both the volume and quality of our news content. In so doing, we hope to offer you, our readers, a better website that you can depend on for your daily dose of Singapore.

Choo Zheng Xi – Managing Editor
Terry Xu – Executive Editor
Andrew Loh – Content Editor
Howard Lee – Commentaries Editor

We will be updating our records with the Media Development Authority and the Prime Minister’s Office, required as part of TOC’s gazetting as a political website.

As Managing Editor, Zheng Xi will be in charge of ensuring TOC’s compliance with the website’s gazetting requirements and obligations under the Broadcast (Class License) Notification. He will also be primarily responsible for crafting the website’s strategic direction.

Terry will continue to focus on the daily running of the website, social media channels and the overall management of news and TOC volunteers. However, he will focus more on producing TOC TV, a channel we have created to increase our provision of rich media content.

We welcome Andrew back to TOC, the website he co-founded with Zheng Xi in 2006. Andrew will be assisting with feature stories and creating content that resonates with the concerns of ordinary Singaporeans. Andrew will still be heading Publichouse.

Howard will focus more on commentaries, working with established commentary writers in our fold to produce meaningful pieces that provide more insight and depth to current issues.

We anticipate that the new team will bring content on TOC up to the next level, but we also acknowledge that there is very little we can do without adequate funding. As such, do continue to donate to TOC and support our mission of delivering stories that matter to you.

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