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Gilbert Goh of Transitioning.org organized a Singapore National Day celebration for the first time at Hong Lim Park. The event was held on 9th August from 4pm to 7pm.

This 48th National Day celebration at Hong Lim Park is titled — “Singapore for Singaporeans”. Gilbert told TR Emeritus (TRE), “Many people have mistaken the event as a protest which it is not.” “It’s a National Day celebration event where we also want to remember some great Singaporeans who have made a difference in our lives.”

According to Gilbert, many Singaporeans have lost their love for the country. “Hopefully the event can recapture some of the kampong spirit we have back in the old 1980s and renew our love for our country,” said Gilbert.

A series of wide-ranging topics was covered over at the event — “Why I love Singapore”, “How to rekindle the kampong spirit”, “How to be contented in life”, etc. The speakers who spoke for the event:

Mr Leong Sze Hian — civil activist and blogger 1:00
Dr Paul Tambyah — doctor 14:30
Ms Jeraldine Phneah — NTU final-year student and 2013 Miss Singapore contestant 28:45
Mr Ravi Philemon — civil activist and blogger 39:30
Ms Han Hui Hui — human rights blogger 56:00
Mr Raymond Yap — operations manager 1:10:50
Ms Vivian Pan — founder of single parent support group 1:19:45
Mr Osman Sulaiman — human resource manager 1:32:30
Dr Ang Yong Guan — psychiatrist 1:50:40
Mr Tan Jee Say — politician 2:24:50

Three persons were also honoured at the event:

1. One minute silence remembering the late President Ong Teng Cheong 12:25
2. Saluting Mr M Ravi, human rights defence lawyer 27:10
3. Saluting Mr Leslie Chew, cartoonist 54:50

At the end of the event, a Happy Birthday to Singapore song was sung and a large 10 kg birthday cake cut and distributed to all Singaporeans at the event. 2:43:00

Finally, the event closed with the recitation of the Singapore Pledge and singing of the National Anthem. 3:00:00

(This is a 3 hrs long video, please click on the blue highlight to go to the speaker’s speech you want to listen to. )

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