High Court Judgement for Section 377A

In the judgement for the case of Gary Lim Meng Suang and Kenneth Chee Mun-Leon versus the Attorney General. Justice Quentin Loh has dismissed the legal claim by the two plaintiffs that Section 377A of the Penal Code is unconstitutional and that it infringes their rights under Article 12 of the Constitution of the Republic of Singapore.

We are a society in the midst of change. Some changes come fast; others evolve and take time to gain a hold and to gain currency. In the latter case, a court will be hard put, when it stands a particular point in time between the two ends of the spectrum when the change in a particular long held social norm has yet to gain currency, to decide whether that social norm should be retained or discarded in the fact of a constitutional to that social norm. In our legal system, that decision is left to Parliament – Justice Quentin Loh

Entire Document of Justice Quentin Loh’s Judgement

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377a judgment