Have you forgotten the marvel of sounds in our daily lives?

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Through a workshop and collaboration with The People’s Association, six young organizers aim to raise awareness of the intrinsic values of sound, and promote intergenerational bonding amongst the participants.

As part of the i-AM 2013 Arts Festival that is conceptualized and organized by Year 2 students of the Arts Management Program in LASALLE College of the Arts, Sounds Like Fun! will take place on the 31st of March 2013 at the Tampines Changkat Community Centre from 9 am to 12 pm. With special appearance from MP for Tampines GRC, Ms Irene Ng, the workshop comprises of four carefully planned activities that encourages the participants to think creatively and expressively. The programme facilitated by musician, Stan, includes a sharing session between the artist and community to open their thoughts, a sound trail around their neighborhood to open their ears, a music composition exercise to open their minds, and lastly, an exciting sound game to open their hearts.

Speaking about the project, Ms Ng said, “This is the first time we are introducing a sound art performance to the heartlands. We hope the novelty will draw residents and that the unique engagement through this form of art will build bonds between them. We are happy to collaborate with the team of vibrant youths from LASALLE to make this happen.”

The 25-year-old programmer and project leader, Jason Ang explains that intergenerational bonding does not only happen among the communities but it can happen within families as well. As a family nucleus also contains people from different generations, Ang hopes that the programme can inspire the participants to use sound as a mutual language to build relationships that are based on interpersonal understandings and shared family values.

The organizing team, Jason Ang (25), Serene Chew (23), Sandra Lee (22), Ethel-Jean Tan (22), Pauline Tan (22) and Phyllis Wan (20), believes that sounds can be used as building blocks for memories because of its ability to trigger thoughts, express complex messages and communicate ideas. In conjunction with PAssionArts Month 2013 organized by The People’s Association, Sounds Like Fun! is a one-day outreach workshop for people of all ages.

Event title: Sounds Like Fun!

Date: 31 March 2013

Time: 9:00am to 12:00pm

Venue: Tampines Changkat Community Centre

Registration Fee: $2

Duration: 3 hours

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