A light hearted, comedy ballet performance – Coppélia

Coppélia – Snapshot of Thursday’s performance

By Terry Xu

Launching off as SDT’s first performance in its 25th season. Coppélia comes as a light, refreshing and enjoyable ballet performance presented by the Singapore Dance Theatre (SDT) .

The story of Coppélia goes about a young village couple, Franz and Swanilda, who are engaged. Their love undergoes a test when Franz becomes infatuated with Coppélia, a life-like doll belonging to the mysterious toymaker, Dr Coppélius. Unaware of each other’s plans, both Franz and Swanilda sneak into Dr Coppélius’ house  and find themselves embroiled in the toymaker’s hilarious delusions. What happens to the couple in Dr Coppélius’ house is for the audience to find out themselves at the performance.

The production crew did a great job in its elaborate stage settings and special effects to bring audience deep into the world of the story it seeks to portray. With grand scenes of the whole crew of SDT dance artists  dancing gracefully on the stage and the sheer number of costumes donned by the dancers will sure to set you mesmerized.

Filled with comedy action and unexpected turn of events make this a performance that will spice up the weekend mood. Of course, not forgetting the spectacular ballet dance performed by the dance artists of Singapore Dance Theatre. Wonderful ballet score and captivating ballet movements coupled with superb theatrical skill by the dancers of SDT, what else could audience ask for? A performance that will be enjoyed by couples and families alike.

Thursday’s first performance was opened with Rosa Park portraying as a lively and adorable Swanila and Timothy Coleman as Franz. Chihiro Uchida will debute as Swanila for tonight’s performance along with Kenya Nakamura as her Franz.

The performance will be held till 17th of March. So with just three days to go, fans and supporters of SDT will surely not want to miss this performance!


Date : 14 – 17 March 2013 (Thursday – Sunday)

Venue : Esplanade Theatre

Time : 14 & 15 March, 8pm
16 March, 1pm, 8pm
17 March, 1pm, 7pm

Ticket prices :

Evening Performances:
$90, $75, $50, $30 (excluding SISTIC charge)

Matinee Performances:
$70, $50, $30 (excluding SISTIC charge)

Various discount schemes are available, Admission for 6 years old and above

Tickets are available through all SISTIC outlets and SDT office .