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Behaviour of Bonobos and Chimps Tell Us A Lesson on Over-Crowding

By Edmund LimI refer to "6.9 million population is a projection: S Iswaran" http://www.todayonline.com/singapore/69-million-population-projection-s-iswaran Even though it is just a projection, we must be vigilant against the false notion that having more youths will help bolster the ageing population. The responses so far have been on data and projection figures. Many economists have argued that more working adults are needed to …

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Open letter to Minister Lim Swee Say

By Philip Ang Dear Minister Lim Swee Say I refer to ST article dated 1 Feb, “White Paper all about ‘planning ahead”. Minister Lim was quoted as saying “Just imagine if 10 years ago, we had a Singapore Conversation to talk about one day 10 years from then… population may reach 5.4 million, then start to put in place infrastructure, …

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Open letter to Nicole Seah of NSP

By Nicholas Simon Tan This letter was sent to Nicole Seah of the NSP for clarification. Dear Ms. Seah, I refer to your Facebook post (28th January 2013, "Thoughts of the day, on unemployment"). I have several thoughts of my own and hope that you could share your personal views. Purported justification for “minimal” action A myriad of sector based wage …

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Rape of our nation – Whither Singaporeans

By Jen Was ex-minister George Yeo's cryptic tweet "Whither Singapore" actually referring not to the Punggol By-election but to the White Paper proposal to have 6.9 million people here by 2030? If it were, then the question should be "Whither Singaporeans", true blue Singaporeans to be exact. There has been a national uproar and outcry by Singaporeans against the preposterous …

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A renewed call from the past to abolish ISA.

By Terry Xu How would you feel if Workers' Party Candidate Lee Li Lian was arrested shortly after her victory in the Punggol East By-Election? This was a question posed to the people who attended the 50th anniversary of Operation Coldstore event on Saturday afternoon. Ms Chan Wai Han, emcee of the event asked the crowd this question before calling …

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