By Renyin

“Floating on a Malayan Breeze” does not lend itself to simplification. It is at once a travelogue, a commentary on current affairs, and an earnest chronicle of our socio-political development. But at the heart of the story is a young Singaporean man’s eight-year journey to understand our beginnings.

Vadaketh’s quest starts with, in his own words, dreamy hope, idealism and bravado. Fresh out of college, he decides to spend a month with his best friend cycling around peninsular Malaysia, on a budget of 10 ringgit a day, with only their 24-speed Giants and daypacks slung over the rear racks.

With their fresh clothes, new bikes and shiny helmets, they attract attention from a group of errant youths in Johor early in their trip. They keep their distance, fearing bike thieves, securing their precious vehicles with reams of rope and multiple locks. Only after encountering the same reaction elsewhere do they realise that these boys’ eyes were “filled not with jealous, evil desire, but adulation and wonder. We should have offered a ride … instead, we acted like the richer neighbour, afraid of getting robbed.”

Woven into the narrative of his travels are personal interviews with ordinary citizens, civil society, academics and politicians, embellished with solid research and shrewd analysis. Over eleven thematic chapters, spanning from our shared histories as British Malaya to religion, race, and the rapidly changing political climate, Vadaketh spins a tale that tells us as much about our sameness as it does of our differences. Even as we have embarked on separate paths of nationhood, our shared histories, cultures and languages continue to twin our destinies.

The narrative works best when Vadaketh shares his personal story: we grow with him as he describes how he confronted and re-evaluated his own prejudices and preconceived notions about Malaysia. We share his euphoria as he describes his mountainous crossing from Kelantan into Perak, flying between two trucks while cycling downhill, each going in a different direction—“it feels like a vacuum, sound just dries up and gets sucked out. All you hear is a burst … like when you pour Coke into a glassful of ice”. A pity then, that this spark of original prose fizzles out when he turns his attention to modern politics, reverting to cliches such as “the end of dominance” of UMNO and the PAP.

Malaya was once a symbol of the British empire, memorialised in fiction by writers like W. Somerset Maugham and Graham Greene. Vadaketh presents a new Malaya—not a colonial construct, but a breath of fresh air sweeping through the peninsula, billowing with the aspirations of a new generation of citizens who have only known independence. In time, he writes, “Malaysian and Singaporean identity will become stronger and more defined … Perhaps (then), we might discover that there is really very little between us.” Rather than two fractious neighbours split at birth, our fates are like the two serpents on Hermes’ staff—separate and distinct, yet forever entwined.

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又一起个人代步工具引起的火患!民防部队今日于脸书上发文告,三巴旺弯第364B座组屋12楼的一个单位今天凌晨5点左右发生火患。 火灾发生位置涉及至客厅,民防部队接获通报赶往现场将火势扑灭,无人伤亡。 文告表示,据民防部队初步调查显示因为个人代步工具正充电,相信也是火势的起源。 据报道,屋主哈桑(译名)表示两天前友人将电动踏板车带来,是要让他们试骑,殊不知酿成意外。他是今早在睡梦中闻到烧焦味惊醒,立即叫醒妻子与抱起两名孩子逃出组屋,所幸家人无恙。 民防部队借此呼吁民众要遵守使用个人代步工具的安全指示,避免火灾意外发生。 因个人代步工具火警事件频传,本月初陆交局宣布将电动个人代步工具的UL2272标准措施提前半年实施,即指所有个人代步工具必须于明年7月前达到有关防火标准。 电动踏板车必须在明年4月起,通过UL2272标准的认证检查。陆交局表示目前注册的9万辆电动踏板车,有近九成的车子并不符合UL2272安全标准的认证。 据民防部队统计,去年已有74起个人代步工具相关案件被通报,均以充电中火充电后不久引发火患,目前为止导致多人受伤,甚至一名男子离世。

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